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Google Analytics
Facebook Campaigns
This dashboard gives you a clear picture of how your Facebook ads are performing and which ads are performing the best.
You can track, for example, each ad's CTR in real-time and gain insight into which ads to run and which to improve. This helps you monitor your ads frequently and target them as precisely as possible.

Compare and optimize your Facebook Ads and run successful campaigns today!
Facebook Google Analytics Facebook Facebook
Google Analytics User Behaviour
Understand how visitors interact with the content on your website, and measure their behavior and site stickiness. You can measure e.g. visits, page views, time on page and bounce rate.

This Google Analytics dashboard will give you a basic overview of the traffic on your website!
Google Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics
Google Analytics Goal Funnel
Keep track of each step of a goal funnel from Google Analytics with this simple yet detailed dashboard.

Each step of a goal funnel represents a step on your website that must be completed to achieve a Google Analytics Goal. Follow these steps on a daily, weekly or monthly period of time, and break it down into sources and segment each step and conversions by source medium.
Google Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics
Shopify Dashboard
This Shopify dashboard shows the most valuable KPIs that will give you insight into the performance of your store. Compare your sales to a previous time period, track your average order value and your top 10 products.
Shopify Shopify
Marketing Channels Dashboard
Stay on track of your ads with this overall marketing dashboard across channels.

This dashboard will provide you with an insight to your channels and how the ads are performing all together. Get a real-time insight to your website visitors, your marketing spend, costs and conversions.
LinkedIn Facebook Google Ads Google Analytics Google Analytics Facebook

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