E-conomic Financial Overview

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Month by month overview of your major financial categories from e-conomic. It uses the standard account plan for e-conomic and expects everything to be in DKK.
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E-conomic Account Entries
Intuitive and simple accounting program

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Package contents

  • Financials
  • e-conomic - Sales & Travel Costs
  • e-conomic - Car Costs
  • e-conomic - Result before tax
  • e-conomic - Administration Costs
  • e-conomic - Revenue
  • e-conomic - Salaries
  • e-conomic - Depreciations
  • e-conomic - Office Costs
  • e-conomic - Interest exp/revenue
  • e-conomic - Bank Account
  • e-conomic - Direct Costs

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