Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday?
With this dashboard, you can keep track of your performance on the most important sales day of the year!
This dashboard will give you an overview of your traffic to your website, on your campaigns and your sales. Follow this busy day hour by hour and see how you are progressing.

Please note: When installing this dashboard, please make sure to select Campaign dimension under "Advanced settings" when setting up the first Google Analytics source. The second source should not include a secondary dimension. Time dimension should be "Hour".
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Google Analytics
Google Analytics Report Data - Campaign
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Report Data - Hour

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Package contents

  • Black Friday
  • Average Revenue
  • Number of Orders
  • Google Analytics - Users
  • Google Analytics - Bounce Rate by Campaign
  • Sum of Revenue
  • Conversion Rate
  • Google Analytics - Users by Campaign
  • Google Analytics - Page views by Campaign

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