Pipedrive Dashboards

This is a package of three easy to use dashboards that anyone using Pipedrive can use as a great starting point.
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Pipedrive Activities
Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions
Pipedrive Deals
Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions

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Package contents

  • Pipedrive Overview
  • Pipedrive Activities
  • Pipedrive Deals
  • Number of Pipedrive Activities Completed
  • Sum of Pipedrive Deals Open Value
  • Pipedrive Deals Hitrate
  • Number of Pipedrive Deals Open
  • Last Pipedrive Deals Won Title
  • Number of Pipedrive Activities Completed Meetings
  • Number of Pipedrive Deals Won
  • Team Target Won Value
  • Number of Pipedrive Deals Created
  • Number of Pipedrive Activities Completed Calls
  • Sum of Pipedrive Deals Won Value

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