Intercom Dashboard

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This dashboard provides you with a great overview of your conversations and different KPIs from Intercom in real-time. Keep track of how your agents are performing on an individual basis, while at the same time keeping an overview of your performance and most important SLAs.

Stay on top of all your conversations and celebrate each time an agent receives a good satisfaction rating.
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Intercom Conversation ratings
Intercom Conversations

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Package contents

  • Intercom Dashboard
  • Intercom - Goal - Number of Conversations without answer in 3 days
  • Intercom - Satisfaction Score
  • Intercom - Avg. Resolution Time
  • Intercom - Number of Open Tickets
  • Intercom - Number of Unassigned Tickets
  • Intercom - Number of Conversations without answer in 3 days
  • Intercom - New Tickets created
  • Intercom - Number of Closed Conversations
  • Intercom - Avg. First Response Time
  • Intercom - Oldest Unanswered Ticket
  • Intercom - Number of Snoozed Conversations

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